DIY Mother’s Day gift: mini pesto set

You hadn’t forgotten, had you? It’s nearly Mother’s Day!

This year, I celebrated Mother’s Day a week early with my mum. We had an action-packed day at the Ideal Home Show in London (more on that soon), and a nice Sunday pub lunch.

As I wasn’t going to be able to take a lovely bunch of flowers the 100 mile journey home with me (not to mention a day spent at Earls Court), I went for something homemade this year: a set of mini pesto sauces.

pesto sauce mother's day gift diy


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Living the Good Life, windowsill style

Well, maybe I’m not entirely self-sufficient yet. But believe me, this is due to lack of windowsill space rather than a lack of want! Whilst I don’t have yards of lettuces and potatoes happily growing away, I do have several chilli plants – that I have come to love (especially in lieu of a pet – landlord’s rules).

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