What I learnt from Lent (if anything)

Can we all now agree that Lent is over? Everything I’ve found online about the end date is so conflicting!

Either way, I’m done now, and I would say I’ve been distinctly average at it.

Pink doughtnuts with sprinkles

Ohhhh the temptation.

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DIY Mother’s Day gift: mini pesto set

You hadn’t forgotten, had you? It’s nearly Mother’s Day!

This year, I celebrated Mother’s Day a week early with my mum. We had an action-packed day at the Ideal Home Show in London (more on that soon), and a nice Sunday pub lunch.

As I wasn’t going to be able to take a lovely bunch of flowers the 100 mile journey home with me (not to mention a day spent at Earls Court), I went for something homemade this year: a set of mini pesto sauces.

pesto sauce mother's day gift diy


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Benington Chilli Festival

On the recent bank holiday weekend I went home to visit my parents, and headed down to my village’s annual chilli festival.

Benington Lordship

As someone who really loves her chillies, I was totally in my element. There were so many stalls exhibiting crazy fiery products, and I had no idea where to start.

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Good food round up – BBQ season!

I am SO excited that barbecue season is (or might be) here! Having barbecues all summer is in my blood, and it’s something I can’t live without.

I’ve been really enjoying food I’ve cooked at home over the last week, and I love the odd food photo – isn’t it what Instagram was made for?! – so here’s a quick round up!

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