Living the Good Life, windowsill style

Well, maybe I’m not entirely self-sufficient yet. But believe me, this is due to lack of windowsill space rather than a lack of want! Whilst I don’t have yards of lettuces and potatoes happily growing away, I do have several chilli plants – that I have come to love (especially in lieu of a pet – landlord’s rules).

I firmly believe that growing something from a tiny seed and helping it turn into something I can use for another love, food, is one of the best things. Even just knowing that I can keep something alive is pretty great! (Although I can’t exactly say the same about all the herbs I’ve had…).

For Christmas 2011, I received a chilli growing set from James, and got busy planting each type into their small coir pots.

The beginning: a set of five types

The beginning: a set of five types

Needless to say, they didn’t all take to growing. The survivors were 3 Anaheim seeds, who persevered and stuck by me throughout my lack of chilli growing knowledge, and so far I have been rewarded with one whole fruit. This whole fruit became known as Mr Chilli, and together we encountered a wonderful love affair. I looked after him and nurtured him, until one day Mr Chilli looked like this:

Mr Chilli, the original Anaheim

Mr Chilli, the original Anaheim

and I decided it was time for Mr Chilli to get a bit comfier in my kitchen. Since then, he has been used in goulash, chilli con carne, and various curries and pasta dishes – and he tastes fantastic. I did worry that I might get a bit emotional upon the first eating (a bit like Homer eating Pinchy the lobster), but he did me proud.

Anaheim chillis are great for freezing, and so I simply chop some more slices off as and when I’d like some heat in a dish. Mr Chilli now looks like this:

...Who now lives in the freezer

…Who now lives in the freezer

During this chopping and eating process, I read (and loved) an article in Issue 6 of The Simple Things on growing chillies which led me to the South Devon Chilli Farm, where I proceeded to buy Apache F1 and Adorno (the ex-popular culture student in me couldn’t resist) seeds. Both types of plant are small, hot chillies – although I believe they’re more for ornamental use.

Planting the new generation

Planting the new generation

I’m very pleased to report that spring seems to have been delivered to my windowsill, and I have some new guests to look after.



The circle of life also continues with my Anaheims, and as my plants go past their first birthday I look forward to picking Mr Chilli Jr when he’s ready.

Mr Chilli Jr

Mr Chilli Jr

I’ve enjoyed learning through this growing process, and now know that the next time I have a wave of flowers on a plant I need to act as a bee, and spread pollen from plant to plant with a cotton bud – with the aim of more resulting fruits.

I will admit that I’m already looking forward to buying my next seeds – I have decided on Explosive Ember – as again, they’re a small-ish, ornamental plant which grows in beautiful purple hues before maturing. I can’t think of a better way to usher in the sunshine seasons than with a bit of fiery heat.

Do you grow chillies on your windowsill? What are your favourite types, and what would you recommend?


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