DIY Mother’s Day gift: mini pesto set

You hadn’t forgotten, had you? It’s nearly Mother’s Day!

This year, I celebrated Mother’s Day a week early with my mum. We had an action-packed day at the Ideal Home Show in London (more on that soon), and a nice Sunday pub lunch.

As I wasn’t going to be able to take a lovely bunch of flowers the 100 mile journey home with me (not to mention a day spent at Earls Court), I went for something homemade this year: a set of mini pesto sauces.

pesto sauce mother's day gift diy


It’s always nice to receive something homemade, right?

This DIY is fairly easy but very fun to make – if you love your food processor as much as I love mine.

For mine, I used old spice jars as I had some handy – but you could easily pick up some mini jars from your favourite home/kitchenware shop. Don’t get any too big though, so that your mum actually has a chance of using up all the pesto before it goes off.

You can choose any pesto or sauce recipes you like. I chose three.

First, I made this roasted red pepper pesto from the whinery. I’ve made this before, and knew it had a great flavour – it had to be one of my choices.

Secondly, I made this coriander (or cilantro, if you’re that way inclined) and lime pesto from Simply Scratch.

Both of these recipes I found through Pinterest. Who else uses uses Pinterest as their own, personal, go-to cookbook? If you’d like to see what other food I’m pinning, check out my Glorious Food board here.

Thirdly, I used a Moroccan pesto recipe from the wonderful Leon: Ingredients & Recipes book. The original recipe for this calls for it to be stirred into a vegetable soup, which I recommended to my mum as my taste test proved it to be strong (but so good).

Pesto DIY Mother's Day gift

Left: roasted red pepper pesto / right: coriander and lime pesto

You can get these three made within an evening easily. Once they’re bottled, you can set to work on the next fun part: decorating!

You’ll probably go a bit more fancy and experimental than I did with my simple washi tape, but it’s always a good place to start.

I also used a gift tag on each jar to say what each sauce is, and what it’s good with – pasta, soup, steak and so on.

This gift seemed to go down well with my mum, and I even have some leftovers in my own fridge which I’m looking forward to using up!

If you’re taking the DIY route for your mum this year, let me know what you’re making. Which pesto do you think your mum would like the best?

And if you’re a mum yourself – enjoy your day on Sunday. I hope you’re rewarded with a chilled out day and your choice of activities!


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