Spring things: what I’m shooting and what I’m doing

Happy Monday!

I’m very excited that the clocks have changed, and now we get sunlight (or maybe, lighter cloud than at night) in the evening. Soon I’ll be taking part in my most favourite afternoon activity, reading in the garden with a strawberry cider. Aaaahhhh.

White magnolia flowers

In the meantime I’m enjoying what spring has to offer, especially the magnolias.

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Winter moods

I am a summer person.

I need to be warm, and I love to sit out in the garden with a good book and a strawberry cider after work.

But I don’t completely hate winter. There’s always something nice about getting bundled up in a coat, scarf, gloves and hat (if you can risk the hat hair).

Here’s a few nice winter-y type things I’ve found and put together over on my Pinterest:



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