Photos from Gibraltar, my southern second home

I’m finally getting around to posting some of my Gibraltar photos, and this holiday already feels like a lifetime ago!

I can’t believe how much Gibraltar has been in the news recently, but I’m not about to get into current issues.

Here are some of my favourite shots from my trip, taken on an Olympus OM-30.

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Review: A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers

Xiaolu Guo
I’d wanted to read this book for a while, so picked it out of my reading list and gave it a go. I’d read quite a few reviews where readers had said they found the ‘Engrish’ language in which it’s written patronising, and off-putting. To me, it wasn’t too hard to hear Z’s voice in my head and it made sense – it wouldn’t have been the same story without it.

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Duck, duck, goose

An article appeared on the BBC site this week, titled ‘Not enough strenuous activity’ in school PE. On first glance, this line immediately made me groan inside as memories of my own horrible PE lessons came flooding back. But after giving it some more thought, I think there may simply need to be more of a compromise at play here.

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