Scandinavia, we’re coming back for you!

Wow. How is it March already?! 2014 is flying by.

I’ve been a busy bee with work so far this year, but I’ve also been planning the most. Awesome. Trip. Ever.

Last year, James and I headed to Copenhagen for a (below) freezing January weekend to celebrate our third anniversary, and it turns out that one trip is just not enough to see all of this very cool city.

Copenhagen's Nyhavn, January 2013

Copenhagen’s Nyhavn, January 2013

So we’re going back! But we’re not stopping at Copenhagen, oh no.

This summer we’ll spend two weeks scratching the surface of what Scandinavia has to offer, with a trip visiting Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

I’ve always wanted to experience summer days that just don’t end, and with so much amazing Scandi-culture around right now, there’s a lot to lure us into visiting.

So far, our itinerary is looking like this:

Day 1: Copenhagen
Day 2: Copenhagen
Day 3: Copenhagen
Day 4: Copenhagen to Malmö
Day 5: Malmö (visiting Lund)
Day 6: Malmö to Gothenburg
Day 7: Gothenburg
Day 8: Gothenburg to Oslo
Day 9 Oslo
Day 10: Oslo
Day 11: Oslo to Stockholm
Day 12: Stockholm
Day 13: Stockholm
Day 14: Stockholm
Day 15: Stockholm to home

We’re both ridiculously excited. I can’t decide what I’m looking forward to the most: exploring these places, or eating my way around them.

I think I’m going to come home looking like a walking kanelbullar (cinnamon bun to you and me).

Amazing pastries in Copenhagen's Torvehallerne (food market), January 2013

Amazing pastries in Copenhagen’s Torvehallerne (food market), January 2013

It’ll also be a fantastic opportunity to flex my shutterfinger and take a mountain of photos. I’m planning on taking a multitude of film cameras, plus will most likely be Instagramming like crazy. Last time I visited it was WAY too cold to be taking many photos without gloves (or smartphone friendly gloves) on, so I’ll be making the most of the warmer temperatures this time.

Plus we’ll be enjoying free wifi at our Airbnb places (more to come on those soon).

We’ve still got a plane and a couple of trains to book, but we’re mostly there. If you’ve got any amazing suggestions that we have to try, make sure to leave a comment and let me know. And if you’re a Pinterest addict like me, check out my Scandinavian summer board. Obsessed, me?

Hej då!

Palm House of the Botanical Gardens in Copenhagen, January 2013

Palm House of the Botanical Gardens in Copenhagen, January 2013


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