Blood orange caipirinhas

Blood orange caipirinha

If there’s one thing that gives me real Instagram-envy, it’s America’s blood orange season.

Every year they look so good, and you only seem to find them over here as an occasional treat. Well, no more!

I’ve searched high and low – or, I went to the Lidl literally opposite my office – and grabbed a bag of ten lovely scarlet-on-the-inside oranges.

After a quick Pinterest search, inspiration stuck: why not combine two loves?

And so the blood orange caipirinha was born.

Blood orange caipirinhas

I love caipirinhas. Like, luuurve them. Best cocktail ever.

This version isn’t quite as tart as I’ve left out all traces of lime, but I think you could add a squeeze if you’d like to.

You’ll need (for 1 drink):
Crushed ice
1 small-medium blood orange, scrubbed and cut into 8
1 shot (or 35ml) cachaça (or sub with vodka to make a caipiroska)
half a teaspoon of caster sugar (this is less than a usual caipirinha because the drink is already sweeter than usual)

Drop two eighths of your orange into your glass, and muddle them to release the juice. I don’t have a muddler so I do a DIY job with the end of a wooden spoon.

Add the sugar and stir to mix.

Throw in your crushed ice, then pour the cachaça over.

Squeeze the juice of the remaining orange over the ice, and stir it all up to combine.

Decorate with garnishes of your choice and enjoy!

Blood orange caipirinhas

This could make a great Valentine’s drink owing to the pinky colour, and there’s definitely something summer-y about it, bringing a welcome air of optimism.

If you’re looking for other Valentine’s ideas, try this:

Juice an orange or two, pour the juice into an ice cube tray and wait for it to set (best done a day in advance). When they’re done, plop one or two into a glass of prosecco/cava/bubbly of your choice.

It has a lovely flavour and looks the part too. Tonight is exactly five years since I met James (in Unit, a club in Southampton), and we drank a glass of this red/orange fizz to celebrate. I guess we’ve come a long way since the cheap JD and cokes, and sambuca shots of student days!

Make sure to let me know if you try either of these, and if you have any more genius things to do with blood oranges – send them my way!


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