Happy new year! Let me introduce myself…

Happy new year!

I'm Amy, and this is me!

I’m Amy, and this is me!

I’m going to take this time of new starts to reintroduce myself and this blog, and to explain why I’m here.

To me, Slice of Sunny means a little bit of something that makes you feel good. I live in the UK where it’s often grey and wet, but being a summer baby I crave the sunny days. I think they keep me sane.

The topics I’m most likely to cover on this blog include:

Photography. I love taking photos, and looking at photos.
I have quite a large collection of film cameras that I love using, and am an Instagram addict too.

Food. Food is the best, isn’t it?
If I’m not pinning away to my food board, (like a mood board but tastier) then I’m flicking through a food magazine or cooking something up in the kitchen.

Travel. The world is big, and I intend to see as much as I can.
Last year I was lucky enough to get to Copenhagen, Gibraltar and Rome. In 2014, I’ll be taking a short trip to Paris with my mum and taking a two-week trip around Scandinavia with my boyfriend, James. More on that to come soon!

Marketing. This is what I do during the day, and I love it.
My job involves running social media, PR and my work blog, so I see some really cool trends and areas of the business.
I particularly love brand storytelling, and one day would like to work exclusively in this area. In my dreams I’d run my own magazine!

Dyspraxia. I’m dyspraxic. Sometimes it’s okay but sometimes it really sucks.
There seem to be quite a few people searching blogs for dyspraxia information and experiences, and it’s something I’m always happy to talk about and share.

There are other parts to my life, too. Sometimes I might post about music, or fitness, or a fantastic book or bit of design.

Recently I’d been almost putting off blogging on here for fear of what I write being ‘wrong’ – or just plain stupid. But after reading this wonderfully invigorating post from Holly Becker of decor8, I’m throwing caution to the wind and just going to do my own thing.

At the end of the year, if I’ve managed to do that then I’ll be happy. Here’s to being ourselves in 2014!


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