Marketing Week Live 2013 round-up

Marketing Week Live 2013
Today I had a day out of the office to venture to Kensington for Marketing Week Live 2013. I was really looking forward to hearing from industry experts on topics such as social media, content marketing and online PR.

Below are some of the tips I took from sessions today:

Twitter – an ‘Interest’ Network with ‘Social’ Qualities
Dara Nasr, Head of Agency Sales, Twitter (@daranasr)

  • Timing is crucial – keep an eye on what’s happening
  • There are a billion tweets every 2.5 days
  • Twitter is used all the time as a source of breaking news (while I agree this is true, sometimes it does need to be questioned how reliable it all is!)
  • Twitter is great used as an ‘interest’ network, and important for making new connections
  • Twitter hours (#hampshirehour for example) are great for sharing interests
  • 80% of access to Twitter is through mobile
  • There are three main types of usage: on the sofa (watching TV, or being in bed), on the move (commuting), and on the moment (events etc.)
  • TV is a huge talking point on Twitter
  • What’s happening live influences conversation
  • You need to plan for the moment, and use a content calendar
  • Jump on a good moment and make it work for you, and turn bad moments into jokes/banter where possible (and obviously, where appropriate)
  • Having an open battle with your customers is rarely the best idea

Engagement Through Content Strategy
Ros Mackenzie, General Manager Content Strategy, TUI UK (@Rosmack)

  • Content strategy is not just a case of what – it’s why, how, when, where, for when, how often, and what next
  • Keep it up to date
  • Strategy can be divided into substance and structure
  • Substance: what content do we and customers need, and why?
  • Structure: is content structured for customers to find and for multi-channel delivery?
  • Why does it matter? Content needs to get everywhere!
  • It’s so important to make content mobile friendly and usable across platforms – structure for re-ruse and metadata
  • Content is friendly in flexible chunks
  • Benefits of structured content: faster to market, reduced cost, improved quality, predictability, unlimited delivery
  • Use the customer journey
  • Remember to help the customer reminisce and follow up
  • Talk to frontine staff and customers
  • Have a re-use strategy

Social Media and Online PR Fundamentals
Michelle Goodall, Online PR and Social Media Consultant & Trainer, Econsultancy (@greenwellys)

  • PR is not all Max Clifford and Ab Fab!
  • PR is a strategic discipline, and so is social media
  • PR is about changing perceptions and behaviours
  • These are some social media to traditional PR comparisons that Michelle gave that I enjoyed:
  • 1) Managing influencers driving conversation about your brand is like community outreach and press conferences
  • 2) Turning customers into brand evangelists is like media relations and stunts
  • 3) Customer care on social media is like CSR and thought leadership
  • You need to be able to analyse and predict
  • Creating mutual understanding between organisation and customer
  • When making a plan, strategy comes first and tools, technology and tactics last
  • Create SMART objective KPIs, that are dependent on your business objectives and unique to you
  • Check traditional metrics
  • Check competitors’ websites and digital presence across social media
  • Define your audiences/stakeholders and do an audit
  • You must have engagement to have an influencer
  • Be ready for crisis management
  • Understand bloggers’ objectives and make a long term relationship
  • Be ready for responsive opportunities
  • Optimise everything, and create shareable content with a simple call to action
  • Always apply governance

How to Measure Social Media ROI
Matt Owen, Head of Social Media, Econsultancy (@lexx2099)

  • Does social media have ROI? Yes!
  • Can you measure it? Yes, but you won’t get the whole picture
  • What you measure depends on what you want to find out
  • Likes can be a very weak indicator
  • Facebook engagement rate = % of people talking about you
  • Relevance + trust = value
  • Numbers will never be 100% accurate
  • You can’t measure the ROI of billboards – they’re less accurate than social media
  • Use social media to generate trackable responses
  • Put numbers against your own KPIs
  • Facebook campaigns don’t stay on Facebook long
  • You can use data but you can’t always trust it
  • Relax – social is probably doing more than you think!

Thanks very much to all the speakers I saw today, the talks were great and luckily, on the subject of the Internet, there was no shortage of cats, memes and amazing tweets.

There were some really useful points to take away, and the emphasis for me has definitely been put on responsiveness and measurement. Now to put it into action! 🙂

Were you at Marketing Week Live this year? What were your best tips?


3 thoughts on “Marketing Week Live 2013 round-up

  1. Hi Amy. A great summary and thanks in particular for making notes on Ros from TUI’s presentation – I missed it but it sounded like a really informative session.

    I’ve published my Online PR and Social Media fundamentals presentation from the day on Slideshare here:

    Pleased that you enjoyed it and survived the hottest room in the world….

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