Good food round up – BBQ season!

I am SO excited that barbecue season is (or might be) here! Having barbecues all summer is in my blood, and it’s something I can’t live without.

I’ve been really enjoying food I’ve cooked at home over the last week, and I love the odd food photo – isn’t it what Instagram was made for?! – so here’s a quick round up!

Over in usually-chilly England, we had a beautifully hot and sunny bank holiday weekend last week, which we saw in with the first barbecue of the not quite summer. Living in a flat, we don’t own an actual barbecue, so me and James hit the shops to buy a couple of disposable ones. Unfortunately, everyone else seemed to have had the same idea and we eventually found some in the third shop we tried!






As well as BBQ times, having a long weekend meant time to cook food that takes longer but is worth the effort. You’ve all heard me sing the praises of Lucas Hollweg, and I love his roast sweet potato salad with goat’s cheese. The extra day gave me a chance to make a 4 person portion in advance, meaning yummy (and healthy) lunches for myself and J during the week.


As well as this, we kickstarted the eventual working week with a wonderful post-gym dinner of salmon linquine, with smoked and marinated salmon bought from Ikea a few weeks ago. I found the recipe in May’s Olive magazine, and will be working it into my regular spaghetti rotation I think.

What have you been eating recently?


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