Taking another bite of the chilli

The circle of life is continuing on my windowsill. You may remember my last post about my tiny chilli garden, and I’m happy to say that things are only getting better!

My long green Anaheim turned in to a long red Anaheim and will be partly going in my dinner tonight (the amazing tomato sauce from Polpo) and mostly going in my freezer.
I also have a tiny, curled up Anaheim who seems to have decided that he’s done growing and is maturing to red.

Aside from this, my plants have been coming out in flowers all over – and I’ve taken YouTube’s advice, and had a (gentle) poke around with a cotton bud. Since doing this, I’m pretty sure all of the flowers that are falling off are leaving fruits behind, so I can’t wait to have a whole new family of chillies growing.

A new fruit!

A new fruit!

My Apache and Adorno shoots are also coming up in numbers, and I’ve been re-potting and even giving some to my mum (with instructions!). I’m really looking forward to seeing how these grow, and might even need to repot the biggest two again.

I’m still hanging on for some Explosive Embers, but I think at this stage they will have to wait until next year, when I may or may not have some more windowsill space!


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