Graduation (take two)

I’m graduating in two days, again. I graduated last year with my BA (Hons) degree but it felt like a very understated event. This year I’m excited about my graduation, but once again approaching with mixed feelings.

The past year at University has felt like a series of disappointments and struggles. Firstly as the course I chose was cancelled on the first day due to lack of interest, secondly as I found it incredibly difficult to keep on top of a full-time job and full-time Masters degree (not something I recommend!), and thirdly as I fell at the final hurdle: the dissertation.

A month before submission, I decided enough was enough and I was putting myself under way too much pressure – to the point of almost breaking down (this isn’t meant to be a ‘woe is me’ post – honest!). The pressure, coupled with the fact that I’d been offered a fantastic marketing role that didn’t require the full Masters meant I took the option to leave with a Postgraduate Diploma, against the recommendations of every academic I knew.

One thing that I knew would come back to me when I made that decision is how I’d feel when the big day got here and I didn’t graduate with the same degree as all my course mates. Now that it’s here – I think I feel fine. I think I’ve made amends with myself for ‘dropping out’ and ‘taking the easy option’, because really, I haven’t done that.

I learnt so much over the two semesters that I completed on my course that it’s changed how I think about myself completely – my interest and passion for marketing has overtaken the desire I had to work in the music industry, and I’m fine with that. I’m no longer a BA (Hons) Music Promotion, but a PGDip Marketing Management with a fantastic job and (fingers crossed!) great prospects!

For the future, I’m aiming to undertake a CIM qualification and, if I find myself in a better situation, maybe I’ll even write a dissertation and complete the Masters. But if I don’t, I won’t be holding it against myself 🙂

My future is mine and I’m going to continue making what I believe to be the right decisions for me – and learning from them!

This time last year!


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