A beginner’s adventure on the South coast

So here I am in my new WordPress abode, having tweaked and fiddled with settings to no end. I do have some idea of where this will be going, so bear with me dear future reader!

I’m ready and raring to go with this new part of me, however I think I’ll ease myself in relatively gently with a photoblog from a recent trip to Camp Bestival (a festival held at Lulworth castle in Dorset, UK), and the surrounding Lulworth cove and town of Wareham.

On the weekend of the 27th/28th July, my boyfriend James and I headed along the coast into rural Dorset to make the most of free tickets to the festival I had obtained through my work. We decided to make a proper weekend of it, so instead of arriving on the Saturday and finding nowhere left to pitch a tent, we booked a room at the only available hotel we could find in nearby Wareham. Whilst I think of myself as quite an experience festival goer, this doesn’t mean that I particularly enjoy camping. Having a mattress and a shower to help me recover before the next day of stomping around in mud for hours on end is bliss!

I do, however, believe my boyfriend is cursed. No matter how many times he makes reservations for us at hotels and restaurants etc., something WILL always go wrong and they won’t have a record of him. How?! This particular time, we arrived at the hotel to be informed that a certain booking website had cancelled the room on his behalf and the last room had just been given away. Thankfully this was rectified, and after a look around we went in search of a good fish and chips.

ImageWith full bellies, we headed on our journey – to Lulworth cove!

ImageIt was a good old walk up to get great views of the cove, and we obviously had to stop for selfies on the way:

ImageOnce up the top, the views were great. Please forgive the fact the photos are a bit overexposed – this was my first time really playing around with slide film and tungsten film in the daytime.


Once the cove was done – it was on to Lulworth Castle for the festival! Although having previously worked at Camp Bestival, I’m always surprised by how different to other festivals it is. Being more of an Isle of Wight girl (although more due to always getting free media passes than anything else!), it’s very strange to be at a festival where you’re pretty much outnumbered by toddlers and small children EVERYWHERE, as well as mums pushing around Cath Kidston prams and dads with expensive DSLRs hanging around their necks. This wouldn’t happen at many other festivals I can think of! This isn’t a negative observation though, as the whole family atmosphere is really enjoyable and the added security obviously helps things.

From here on I’m cautious of swamping this post with photos, so I think I’ll summarise my favourite parts in as swap-free a way as possible!

1) The food. Festival food is always great, if very expensive. Camp Bestival is no exception to this, but with James and myself attending with free tickets we felt happier about spending more on grub. This didn’t mean we were splashing out on crab though!

ImageI would say our festival food highlights included paella and Pimms, and churros:

ImageImage2) Jousting. Another thing that I have yet to find at another festival! Set in the grounds of Lulworth castle, the Knights of Lulworth (great stunt horseriders) put on a show that was very much enjoyed by both children and parents.

ImageImage3) The kids activities, including the cardboard castle. Everything at Camp Bestival was tailored to keep kids entertained and active, and one of James’ and mine favourite parts was a cardboard castle that was a fully collaborative effort, with anyone being allowed to add an extra turret or draw on a princess or dragon. We kept coming back over the weekend to see how it was progressing!


4) The line-up. Although I don’t have photographic evidence of this, the line-up for Camp Bestival is truly unique. I can now say I’ve seen Rolf Harris live!

All in all, it was a great and (mainly) free weekend – I can’t believe that now I’ve got a new job I won’t be able to grab any more free festival tickets!

Thanks for reading, and I’m looking forward to adding many more adventures and travels to my blog over time – hopefully with improvements 😉

All photos in this post were taken with a Lomo LC-Wide camera, loaded with a combination of slide, tungsten and colour negative film. If you’d like to see more pictures from the weekend, you can check out my Lomography album here.

As a final note – the end of summer is now approaching, but there is still more fun to be had! What’s the best festival you’ve checked out this summer, or still have to come?


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